Not literally 50 shades.  I actually only painted up swatches of four different shades but I placed them on four different walls in the same room and they all looked different.


Of course, these photos don’t accurately describe the colors at all.  Which is kinda my point.  They are all very neutral, not so periwinkle.  So I just picked one and started.  Today’s goal is finishing this job.

We had an excellent Fourth of July.  Unseasonably warm weather for the block party BBQ with lots of water balloons, food, and explosives.


Happy Birthday, America!


Yesterday, we all spent the day out at my parent’s house in Gaston.  My brother and sister in law are visiting from Fairbanks, Alaska with their brand new baby!  I’m an auntie! Bunches of friends and family came out to see the new little guy so we all put together a pretty spectacular meal to celebrate.  Ribs, salads, beans, pies…all from scratch.  To quote my 5 year old son, “This food is delicious!”


My sweet girl with her new cousin


It was about 90 degrees yesterday so we didn’t really hang outside until after dinner when it cooled down a bit.  Then we all sat on the porch drinking white wine with ice (always classy) and watching the kids run through the sprinkler.

Summer has arrived.