So… It’s been a couple of years since I updated this thing.  I have lot’s of excellent excuses.  My youngest kid stopped taking naps, my oldest started getting loads more homework, I went back to school, and I started working out.  But now my youngest is old enough to self manage for an hour or two, my oldest is on summer break, I’m done with school for now, and working out is something I look forward to so it will always fit in.

So here I am.  I have been knitting during my blogging hiatus (not that my Ravelry projects page represents this.  See aforementioned excuses).  I wrote my very first pattern and it was accepted into the Knitpicks IDP program!  The pattern is a pair of leopard print, fingerless mitts, worked in the slip stitch (or mosaic) technique.  They’re called Rowr Mitts and available for sale through Knitpicks and Ravelry.


I have been knitting and crocheting from written patterns since I was a kid.  I was really surprised at how difficult putting everything into standard knitting format was.  I could understand the language but I couldn’t speak it.  I hired two separate tech editors to go through it for me before I published.  That was pretty stressful.  Not only is it humbling to have my work critiqued in detail but they each found many different things that needed correction.  I had that panicked sensation of “What else is wrong?!  If they each missed what the other one caught, how many more mistakes are still unnoticed?!”  Of course, I just had to get over it.  I learned a ton and got what I paid for.

Emboldened by my Knitpicks success, I decided to aim even higher and submit an idea to Knitscene Magazine.  A garment pattern.  Scaled for 6 different sizes.  After I had just found out how little I know about pattern writing.  Yup.  I love me a challenge.  And guess what?  They accepted it!  Yikes!  I actually emailed the editor and confessed that I really didn’t know how to scale a pattern but assured her that I would learn really quick.  She was awesome about it and even sent me some links for resources.  My Sunbeams Tank came together just fine and was published in the Spring 2012 issue.  A full two page spread!

So now I’m addicted to pattern writing.  I still haven’t streamlined the process like I assume many professionals do ( seriously, how do they make so many so fast?)  I’m still doing quite a bit of clumsy trudging but there is something crazy satisfying about defining a concept and then reverse engineering it down to every little stitch.

I just submitted a pattern idea for the new Knitpicks e-book.  It’s an unprecedented payout, $500- $1100 per pattern.  They notify us of their selections July 1.    I’m making mine up regardless of being selected and am already half way through it.  Fingers crossed. 🙂