I guess it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I have a good excuse.  You see, my 2 year old quit taking naps, thereby eliminating my usually scheduled time to post.  And, we switched from a pc to a macbook and, as computers are intimidating to me, I put off learning how to use it.  Also, my husband is not good at sharing said macbook.

Cliff is at work, baby’s playing with blocks, and I’m feeling capable.  So here are my newest F.O.’s—

Empire Waist Cardi  by Pam Allen in Madil bamboo print



I am not thrilled with how the picked up stitches for the skirt have stretched out, but other than that, i really like this sweater.  I might dye it yellow.

Reclamation Scarf by Stephanie Japel in Hazel Knits sock yarn colorway Nemo


This sucker came out huge!  I love it!  I get compliments every time I wear and it is just soft enough for my real princess sensitive neck.  I really like the gradual increasing.  It allows me to not guess at the finished size so I can just start without counting and end when the yarn is gone.

Oly’s starting to smash things so I’m out.