My latest design attempt has been very satisfying so far.    It’s a little CotLin top using a slip stitch chart from my Barbara G. Walker book.  I had many false starts with gauge ,counting, and construction but once established, it has cruised right along. 


I have already seamed the sides and now must graft the front and back, leaving a v-neck opening.  It’s very curled up on itself so it looks a little small and shapeless but when draped on me, it feels like it will fit. I will then do a knit and turned hem all around or an applied i-cord to finish all the edges.  I will decide once assembled and tried on.

It has been a very fun and easy project.  Just enough going on to not be bored but not so much that i can’t watch t.v.  I so hope my result matches my enjoyment of the process.